B&T’s Unique is a neighborhood pub that is a great place to unwind.  Stop in for a beer after work, or come in for lunch or dinner.  We serve light pub food.  We’re known for our extremely cold beer and excellent burgers made from only fresh ingredients.

Come in for a drink and some food, or take some to go!

As of August 2017, Unique is a non-smoking establishment.  Minors may come in to eat if accompanied by a guardian 25 years old or older.  Please note that the Jukebox allows explicit music after 7pm.

Bar Hours:
Mon:     12pm - 10pm
Tue:     12pm - 10pm
Wed:     12pm - 10pm
Thu:     12pm - 10pm
Fri:     12pm - 10pm
Sat:     12pm - 10pm
Sun:     12pm - 8pm
Grill Hours:
Mon:     12pm - 9pm
Tue:     12pm - 9pm
Wed:     12pm - 9pm
Thu:     12pm - 9pm
Fri:     12pm - 9pm
Sat:     12pm - 9pm
Sun:     12pm - 7pm

B&T’s Unique
13314 Monterey Ln, Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17214
(717) 794-2565

Locally owned and operated, the “Unique Bar” has been a standing tradition since 1952.  It originally opened on the west end of Main Street in Waynesboro, PA, but was quickly moved to Blue Ridge Summit, where it stands today.   Nestled in the northern end of the Appalachian Mountains, the Unique Bar strives to create an atmosphere true to it’s name.   We are the 7th owners to carry on the tradition.  It was important to keep “Unique” in the name, so we named it “B&T’s Unique”, after our names “Brian and Tim”.